Sunday, April 1, 2007

Bravo Buys BPR

Well dear BeePeR's, we resisted as long as we could:

(Press release excerpt) Bravo announced today its acquisition of Blogging Project Runway, the premiere online destination for fans of its Emmy nominated competition reality program, "Project Runway". The move is another in a series of strategic efforts by Bravo to diversify its portfolio of digital assets and broadband properties. Earlier in the year Bravo purchased Television Without Pity and sources say that other sites are also targets for Bravo and parent network NBC.

Bravo President Lauren Zalaznick: "Our immediate plans for BPR will be to shift its POV away from Project Runway and focus entirely on our popular Senior Vice President of Production and Programming, Andrew Cohen."

Blogging Project Runway founder Laura Kluvo adds, " Frankly, I have been considering selling the site off for some time. But I love Andy, and when Bravo indicated its intentions for the site, I couldn't say no."

Click here for the official press release - including the purchase price!

Andy's Guide To Accessorizing

I asked Andy what is the one accessory that a hot cable executive hunk never leaves home without:

Cool shades are a must and really, one pair just doesn't cut it. Whenever I'm tooling around town on the down-low, I sport a pair of face-shielding Shetangi specs. But the Oakleys hanging from my shirt? NEVER pass up an oppertunity to show a little chest hair!

In the immortal words of Lightning McQueen: KA-CHOW!

Watching Andy Cohen

Well, Andy Cohen is simply the best thing ever to happen to Bravo. Don't you agree? I mean like he totally rocks the "Watch What Happens" program. I think he should have his own television show.

The "Andy's Word Association" game is GENIUS. Sheer Genius. (But not Shear Genius - ha ha.) He has such fabulous callers too! RIKKI LAKE! Are you serious? She is like my second-favorite actress (after Sarah Jessica Parker or maybe Johnny Depp). I love his new haircut too. I think he was ready for an update. The curls are cute but the shorter style makes him look SO HOTTT!

How about his keen interviewing skillz on the "Real Housewives Reunion?" OMG! He zeroed right in on EVERYTHING I wanted to know! Who has had what surgery and how can I get one of those FABULOUS T-shirts! Seriously.

How about it, Bravo? Andy is most definitely ready for his own show. Like totally.

A Note From Andy!!!!

Here I am with Uma Thurman. This is funny because people OFTEN mistake me for the multi-millionaire Hungarian hotelier Andre Balaczsz, who used to date Uma. So like all of the European press got a hold of this photo (and I have absolutely NO IDEA how this happened) and misidentified me as him. Isn't that funny?

For the rest of my vacation, everyone was really really nice to me and asking me to pose for photos with their dogs and babies and stuff.

This is Uma with the real Andrae Balaczsz. Since they have borken up, travel has become much simpler for me. No one calls out asking "Where's Uma?"

Do you think I would look better with a chin implant?